Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016
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A previous version of this article initially appeared on »House of Hackers« in June 2008, posted by seconded agent A. Denton of directorate I: intelligence (ICT). Some aspects of it long remained significant for the organization's sectret day-to-day operations. On these grounds the article could not be declassified and published before.

In 2008 ED Denton used to work as an apprentice in the field of web engineering and security, when she was asked to assist GD Hollstein in an NGO web portal security audit. A subsequent report, which included a CoA along with a security and QA statement, had to be composed in due time. Step 1: System Lookup+Scans: The team first gathered target information, i.e. ISP and location, DNS records, OS and web/app server details. Further everything about the ISP's infrastructure itself, as well as information for later social engineering, was ascertained. To accomplish that, unixoid OSs and programs, i.e the 2007 BackTrack 3 GNU/Linux, next to publicly available database records from several authorities were employed. Of course every such software also required basic knowledge about ISO models, protocols, RFCs, networks and OSs to avoid potential hazards. Eventually the team discovered the targets were Gentoo GNU/Linux systems w/ kernel v2.4.22,  hardened with grsecurity.
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Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015
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This article is the first one in a new series of articles, which cover the history of our organization. After constant inquiries we felt the need to publicize.

The very first version of the official TRON-DELTA .ORG / ✛ΔO website was released back in spring 2005, and hosted on the internet by our trusted provider 1&1 Internet AG. Since then we never migrated web services, or any other important kinds of services at ✛ΔO, to a different service provider. Throughout the years we evaluated several offers, but eventually concluded that prices as such are not the most important subject-matters of a contract with an internet service provider.
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Freitag, 1. Mai 2015
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The QUANTUM project was one of the most top-secret ventures of the NSA. During the last months several news agencies re- ported on that specific technology.

As Bruce Schneier wrote in his book »Data and Goliath«, the clandestine QUANTUM project was meant to be kept as secret as possible. In the meantime though various reports indicated that this project was not the only one of its kind, but that the Chinese government is in possession of a very capable »Great Firewall of China«, for a longer period of time already. Quite often authors confused that one with the »Great Cannon of China« which is a different system indeed.
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