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The Institution 

The TRON-DELTA.ORG / ✛ΔO (NGO) is a nongovernmental intelligence organization of the third sector, founded in 2003. Throughout the first decade of operation its duties and responsibilities increasingly shifted from system and infrastructure engineering, as well as the creation of complete products, towards system and infrastructure analysis. That subsequently resulted in new services, with a strong focus on cyber and information security. Besides these new endeavors traditional intelligence work has become more important and technically feasible recently. The organization as such though is neither commercially oriented nor organized by the federal authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany and operates independent from other companies or intelligence agencies in existence.

The Act i v i ti es

The collection and analysis of technological information by means of intelligence appliances, with the aid of modern technical procurement, is one of the important activities of TRON-DELTA.ORG / ✛ΔO (NGO). Having regard to these actions, members of the organization are commissioned to projects in the field of cyber and information security. The assignment to internal reporting as well as the publication of project related results is thereby a very important criteria. This takes place under the major objective to provide the public with valuable and current information on developments, particularly in the aforementioned context of security. Therefore the members of this organization are highly committed to the release of articles, which cover rarely discussed and published issues in the field of technology.

The O b jec ti v e

The contents of this website are freely accessible to everyone and relevant for individuals, companies and other institutions alike. TRON-DELTA.ORG / ✛ΔO (NGO) is an independent, nonprofit organization, whose work takes place in a free, collaborative and cooperative manner. The quality and independence of all accomplished work as well as the exchange of acquired knowledge, with regards to cyber and information security, is of extraordinary importance. The Directorate-General described that appropriate and imperative likewise, considering the increased nationalization and commercialization of intelligence work worldwide. As the ultimate ambition this organization seeks to improve security in the field of computer sciences and to provide answers to the toughest questions in this domain.
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Should ✛ΔO engage more in counter-intelligence?
∘ Yes, there is a need for such operations.
∘ No, because it may be very dangerous.


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